I'm 14 year old male, and every time I try to get a girlfriend, everyone who hears about it instantly tells me to bang her, while I'm with her... Why?


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  • Many guys look at sexual encounters with women as points. Ur friends honestly think they're helping you, but they're not. You should either hang out with new people or tell them how you feel. No matter what, be a gentleman. Gentleman rule despite what majority says. I'd pick a gentleman over a typical male any day. I'm sure you're wonderful:) you'll be fine. Just think for yourself at all times. In the end, you live with the decisions you made. Not your friends. And off topic but haha bring flowers to first dates! Girls love it


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  • Because those ones are envious about you and wished to be in your position. You're still young.. good to go


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  • It's because your friends are immature hormonal teens. Just tell them to stop, or stop surrounding yourself with douche bags, and make better friends.


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