Is it bad to send back to back messages if he didn't respond to my first one?

Shortened version... I've been seeing this guy for a few weeks. We go to college together. I sparked up a convo with him first. We went for coffee, hung out once, and the last time (on Tuesday) he said we should have dinner this week or weekend. I had just said yeah for sure! But, absentmindedly I didn't say a day or ask when. Ugh. So the next night I saw him with a friend, he waved super enthusiastically at me and was acting really silly making faces. I messaged him later that night asking when do you wanna have dinner? And he opened it that night, and never responded (which was on Wednesday). He goes on Facebook all the time. He has had all the time to respond. I know he's busy.. We've had exams since we are now on break.. But I feel like he would have totally taken me to dinner wouldn't he have? Or at least responded? I feel like the odds are in my favor since I am a really pretty person and I can make laugh and he does seem to like me. I can tell he doesn't get a lot of action from girls, he keeps to himself... But I don't know. I was thinking of sending him "so maybe til after break then?" Or something.. I know it's been like 5 days.. But half of me is like why not, the other half is like.. "Play hard to get because that makes him want you." But I don't know.. Maybe j am not being clear with my actions because I haven't flirted with him or tried to at all really since I am shy. Besides introducing myself to him, I haven't shown I liked him.



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  • Dating is like a game of playing tennis. You send him the messages, he seen it. Now you gonna wait for him to reply you back. Or else, you will appear needy & desperate. Maybe he has had some issues going on background. Be patient, wait to hear from him, continue to date other guys. Peace

    • Was the message "when do you wanna get dinner" boring or not really showing I wanted to get dinner?

    • its okay, girls are mostly afraid rejection so indirectly like this is cool for me.

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  • No way. It's not desperate. If anything, playing hard to get is desperate. I don't screw around with games and it's a turn off when a guy does. You're at least 18, which means you're an adult so I would say act like one and ask him straight up to go to dinner with you.

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    • True that.

      So would the message "maaaybe til after break then?" be okay? My friend has mentioned that I don't show interest at all and that my messages are not flirty?

    • I would take your friends advice and ask her what a flirty message would be. Or feel free to message me details of the convo and I can help out if you'd like. #LoveToFlirt

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  • Yes and no, it matters how often you're sending those messages. Frequently isn't really good, it just makes you look (no offence) desperate. But try taking it slow, if you see him in classes on a daily basis, try to talk to him when you can

  • If you domt wanna look desperate then yes


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