What is the best choice to do?

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What is the best choice to do for single people, since myself don't have anyone I forgot how a date goes, but people keep on saying it's best to be single, as for me sadly it's lonely, what is the pros and cons while being in a relationship? and what are the pros and cons while being single? What is your opinion people?


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  • Pros:
    Regular sex
    Being in love
    Having someone to share your life with
    Take care of each other

    You need to compromise and make sacrifices
    You need to put up with each other's bad habits
    Not as much time to yourself


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  • Single
    Pros: Social freedom, good to date many people. Do whatever you want
    Cons: Lonely, masturbate with porn. Self destructing mindset.

    Pros: Physical; emotional intimacy.
    Cons: Restricted socially, physically (very high chance), money involved pretty much


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