Do inexperienced guys in dating take it SLOWER?

I've been seeing this guy for a few weeks. He isn't what I normally go after because I get guys who are super confident and chase after me like no tomorrow. I met this guy, he's kinda nerdy and his friends are nerdy-ish... Like they party but they're in band and are academically driven (as am I) but he keeps to himself and it seems like he thinks things over a lot (again as do I). Based on what I got from him, he had one girlfriend over a year ago and that's it. I don't think he talks to girls often, and by the looks his roommates give me, they act like I'm some odd specimen they don't know how to act around and appear rude because of it.

But it just seems like it's going really slow (for me, compared to what I'm used to).. Like I won't hear from him for days and then all of a sudden he will talk to me and ask to see me. Or when I iniate, he isn't that receptive but mostly when it's on his terms. I'm a pretty 20 year old and I think most guys would jump at the opportunity, but he just doesn't seem interested when he goes all MIA for a week.. Then pops back up like nothing.


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  • He may not be interested but at the same time he might just think that about you and doesn't want to creep you out by being overly available. If you like him, then show him your interested by flirting with him a little bit or just touching him. You said it yourself, he's inexperienced so start initiating. Ask him to hang out, text him. If he gets comfortable around you, then he will naturally start doing these things by himself instead of you having to do it.
    Also, since he is academically driven, he may be really busy with school work and doesn't really have time to think about other things so I wouldn't worry too much about MIA for a week thing and him.

    • So I shouldn't play coy and make him wonder about me to force him to talk to me?

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  • Maybe he has a lot going on which can be very sexy. Or he has other girls and that's why the roommates look at you funny.


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  • interested people act interested.


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