Was this reply fine?

Our first date went good and I was planning a second date, but wanted to know if my last reply was alright..

Girl - Hahahah good plan!
Girl - What are you doing tonight?
Me - Lying here, thinking what my next evil plan will be.. Have you finished that plate of Greek food yet?
Girl - No, I'm still with the plate, can you help me with the tomatoes? Pleasee
Me - I didn't think that you and the plate were so close.. How long have you both been together?
Girl - Well I'd like to be closer with you not with the plate.
Me - Well how about we solve that by me taking you out to a place that isn't closed when you're next free?
Girl - It'd be great!
Girl - What would you like to do next time?
Me - We'll go and see a movie, you can pick, then see where the night takes us after..

My reply was an hour and half after hers at 1am, but it's mid afternoon and wondering if my reply has anything to do with it or if I'm overthinking.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Overthinking it but sometimes giving us the responsibility of picking the date so soon may freeze us.

    • I meant that she could pick the movie

What Guys Said 1

  • Well, if i were you, i will not say what im going to do.
    Eg, if you want to take her to fun fair, just say
    ''alright, let's go to do something outdoor, wear a dress, i like you be feminine. Thursday, 7pm, i will pick you on time. if anything came up, will contact you earlier, sounds great?''

    Be definite on your setting date.


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