Guys, I'm a stripper and I want to find a boyfriend. Is it impossible for a serious guy to accept my work and be with me?

Im not doing it because its my dream job, im doing it while a study because i need the cash.

Are some guys okay with dating/being together with a stripper? Is there guys who can accept it and still be able to love me just like any other girl? Or am i fucked in trying to find a guy while iam a stripper?


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  • I'd be absolutely fine with it. I'd even date a prostitute if she was safe and smart with it. You gotta do whatever you have to do to make it in this world. Nobody should judge you for that.


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  • Well, i bet there are some guys who'd accept it for the begginning, but i don't know if you can find a guy who'd be okay with her long term serious girlfriend being a stripper.

  • There are some guys that don't mind. There are some that will.


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