I had two dates with guy met online and sent a text about goodbye kiss didn't get that we had on first date. I sent a text about it?

I met a guy from online dating site. First date was great, flirted, laughed, takled a lot and even made out. This is something I don't like to do, but I felt such attraction to him, I wanted to. We had a converstation about a movie I did not ever see, but I own it. He said we had to change that tonight. I also have not ever gone over or let guy come over on first date. I felt good about this guy and wanted. to. Well he fell asleep and at some point I was able to have him go home. We had a long kiss goodbye and he told me he had fun. We talked the next week almost every day and talked about meeting up again. He conacted me that Saturday and asked to do something we'd been talking. I decided to be spontaneous and say yes. So we met up for drinks beforehand before bowling. Then we went to have another drink before going bowling (we went back to his place) it was great talking and laughing. He didn't try anything which I was a litle bummed but it was also nice. We missed bowling though. At one point said he'd have to take nap before taking me back to my car. Also said I could sleep there. At first I said no, but he said I don't think you should drive, you can have my bed, I won't try anything. I stayed and he gave me clothes to sleep in. Well next moring he took me back to my car and saying goodbye he gave me a hug, said it was nice to see me again and he would see me later. He didn't even try to kiss me though. Well that Monday I decided to send a text: letting me know that I had a great time and thank you for drinks and his bed. I said wish we had a kiss goodbye. His response was he is not a morning person or PDA person. Great its an honest response, but doesn't make sense from our first date, he didn't care about making out in public (it was late and in empty parking lot) but still doesn't make sense. So, would my text affect him wanting to go out again? Too forward? does his repsonse show that he wouldn't want to go out again? At this point do I just have to wait?


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  • He's probably a little nervous about trying something, even a kiss, after telling you he wouldn't. It can be tough as a guy to walk the tightrope between being the animal go-getter that turns women on and making unwanted advances. And that's a real concern. He may have even thought you were trying to tell him you didn't want any physical contact when you balked at his first suggestion to sleep over. He's probably thinking if you really were interested, you would have made some kind of move or encouraged him in some way. Probably thought you changed your mind and lost interest. Although texting him about not getting a kiss probably corrected that. The other possibility is that either he was worried about his own morning breath or wasn't too keen on yours lol. If that's the case then it's nothing to worry about.

    The best thing to do is act like nothing happened. Give it like two days and then send him a flirty text or ask him to hang out or something. Let him know you're still interested. I wouldn't bring it up again until you're about to say goodnight. Then you can say "are you going to kiss me this time?" or something that makes it clear you want him to. I think you're making a big deal out of nothing.

    • Thank you for your take on this. I did respond by saying oh ok and not making a big deal. I also made a joke about Hersey kisses that I got that night saying well I got some kisses and I can share. (And sent a picture of them) he didn't respond to that. ill leave it be and wait now. Would you say I could still ask to hang out or something after waiting few days if I don't hear?

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    • haha.. ok, good to know. I felt real bad I forgot! I found out I get half day on NYE and so we are meeting for lunch. I told him I had off and if he was able to, if he wanted to meet for lunch. He said yes. I will wish him happy NY if he doesn't first hehe. Ok, so playfully hinting at it then, I can do that. Yah I do not want to have that much time in between seeing him. Why talk about going out again but not make a plan? but he does say yes to coming to my party and says yes to lunch.

      Yah that makes sense about the power struggles. I am one to take people for their word, but yah could be nothing personal. Is it true guys do little tests like that to see how a girl reacts?

    • No, not really. We'll test your interest level, like throwing out a flirty line to see if you flirt back. But beyond that, no. Men don't test women.

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