My boyfriend doesn't seem to be interested in having a relationship with my family.. how do I handle this?

In 18 months of dating he has been to my house twice and met my parents twice. He has his own house so I do spend a lot of time with him at his house since we have our own privacy we also do not have a lot of family functions but when we do and I invite him he does not come. I invited him to Thanksgiving dinner at my aunts. I told him we can be there for a couple of hours then go to his families. He said he didn't wanna go to my aunts since its a little further that if it was at my house he would go. I feel like he is always making up excuses. If i am thinking of someday having a family with him I need him to be around my family more often. Have any of you been through this? How did you handle it?


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  • Does he have good reason? Is your family nice for him to be around?

    I suppose what I'm asking is are you expecting him to put up with your family no matter what they are like or is he just not a very accommodating person?


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  • For me if a guy makes no effort to be around my family and get to know them it's a bit of a deal breaker. After all, if we get married and have our own family is he going to just put off attending every family gathering because he doesn't want to be around them?

    I would ask him why he never wants to be around your family.


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