How can I know if she is attracted to me please?

Hello, I do hope to read your opinions there; which will allow me to know what to do.
In these difficult times, I really want you to lend me a hand.

I'm 21 years old, and I am attracted to a girl in my university. There's only one class that we have in common, so we talk like a short period of time. We've talked like twice so far, I know that it is not much but I'd like to ask her out.
As being shy, and has never dated a girl in the past 21 years it is really hard to go any further unless you help me out.

So far, I did not take her phone number. Do you think will she be patient if I ask for her number in like two or three weeks? The time to get used to this situation, and all. Otherwise, I don't know how to proceed.

Are girls patient? I mean will she like to wait a little before I ask her out or should I do it quickly and fast? As you know for my situation, my social anxiety does not help me at all so I'll need some time to go out from my comfort zone since I've never took nor asked out a girl before.

In addition to that, is there a way to determine if she is attracted to me? In the meaning that I'm not being obliged to ask her face to face what she thinks.
As having many issues as cited above, I'd like to be sure that I'm doing the right move not going into something that could worsen my situation.

Kindly show me the path to the light, with the hope of reading you soon.

Thank you.


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