Girls if a date is going badly can the "when in doubt whip it out" maneuver save the day?

Girls if a date is going badly can the

  • Yes if its a good size
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  • Maybe
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  • No if its to small
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  • This works only for black guys
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Any thoughts?


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  • In no situation is this going to work, unless it's a prostitute you just paid. If you whip your dick out at me, I'll probably punch you square in the balls.

    • Thats sexual assault and not cool. If you did that to me id have you charged.

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    • Or how about I punch you in the ovaries which is the equivalent to a pinch in the balls.

    • You'd have to find me for that friend.

      I think you're taking my comment too seriously.

Most Helpful Guy

  • LMAO! What girl said it only works for black guys? LOL I'm done.


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  • No... in whatever situation... No.


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