Planning on meeting my long distance (not quite since we haven't met yet) girlfriend, how should we do it?

As the title says, me and my long distance "girlfriend" are planning on meeting soon, I figured that it would be best to meet her over a weekend, that I take the train on a Friday afternoon and stay with her and go home by Sunday, since it's the first time. Is that the way to go? Since we're in different schools and what not we don't have certain breaks at the same time, and thus it can be hard to plan on meeting up for longer periods of time.

Also, the train ticket alone (return ticket) is going to cost approximately $60-$72 and since I'm going to stay there's going to be some expenses, but I figure that it's normal and that it's worth it primarily (at least I think it's normal for the first meeting).

What do you guys think?


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  • I think that's perfect, if she's up for it. I'm in a long distance relationship, I have met him before getting together with him because he lives in a country I used to live in, so be sure you know what you're getting into. Long distance is a hard journey, but if you don't live across the globe from her or another country, then it shouldn't be too bad. It seems like a very good meeting idea since you're both in school etc.

    • We discussed it a moment ago, she's up for it. Staying at a hotel for 2 days was too expensive so we changed it, I will get on an early train to her on a Saturday in march and then I'll take a late train on Sunday so we make the most out of our time together.

      It's going to be a short visit, but that's because it's the first time and we both figured it was a good idea, so I'll stay at a hotel that is cheap for one night, she would've offered me to stay at her home but:
      1. Since it's the first time, it's weird to do that, at least for us.
      2. She don't want to tell her mom, she wants to see if it'll work between us first.

      We both think this is the best way to test the waters, to see if we "click" in real life too. With that said, we're going to hang out in the city during the day and we'll see how it goes ^^

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