Would you feel bad or am I over reacting?

I asked my boyfirend about some girl he dated but he replyed saying i havnt spoken to her in years and i dont talk about ex's, stop checking on me.

i dont know why i cries on later on when he said "stop checking on me" i wasn't checking and it wasn't Private either... i dont know why i cried, i felt not so lovable to him?


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  • never talk about exes, it'll only cause problems. not sure why anyone would cry from that


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  • You might be being overly sensitive to this. Some people just don't discuss their pasts for various reasons. It may even be respect for a wish she expressed because of some shared personal things. I doubt his past from years ago affects his feelings for you.

    If he was harsh with you in tone, then perhaps speak to him about how that made you feel. Unless he's really messed up over something from years ago, you have no worries. :)

    • Yea he blew on me Just cause i asked and it made me cry and made me feel like i was snooping, but if you were in m'y shoes how would have felt?

    • If he blew up on me, I would probably have gotten mad back. I don't respond well in those situations. There's absolutely no reason for him to blow up on you if all you did was ask about an ex!

      I usually ask my boyfriends about exes in some way to some extent... and I think it's a better sign if he's open. However, I can respect if he doesn't want to discuss. Some memories are painful for a lifetime, sadly. As long as it doesn't mess with your current relationship, I'd think it's fine not to discuss it.

      I do not understand or see justification for blowing up over a simple question if that's all it was though.

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  • worry about the present, because today is a gift.

    • Sorry what you mean?

    • oh yah.. English isn't your first language.

      it's an idiom.. doesn't translate well.

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