Girls, How does it make you feel inside when a attractive guy asks for your phone number?

like what do you feel inside when an attractive nice guy asks for your phone number HOW does it generally make you feel inside?

Butterflies? are you all the sudden happy?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I'm honestly pretty careless deep down unless someone is blatantly outstanding or I see them impact someone in a majorly positive, brilliant, beautiful way. However, when I was under the age of 18, I would have hawks not butterflies in my stomach and get really excited. It would give me a bit of a confidence boost. Then as I grew older and truly learned how attractive guys are often some of the most damaged, pain in the a** ones, I just kinda sorta really stopped giving a chit.

  • I feel like I'm in an alternate realm and it must be a set-up.. 40% of the time it is and he's a huge jerk.


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