Does he like me?

he stares at me. He barely talks to me but he mostly starts the convo and runs away kinda. He is usually very outgoing but is very shy around me. His friends tease me and him and how we should date. People always make ship names. I can kind of tell that he is trying to stop starting at me. He stopped starting at me since his friends told me he likes me.
by the way he Has never smiled at me. He stares at me while I pretend I'm not looking. And when I turn around he pretends he is doing his work.


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  • Tell him to "nut up" and not run away next time. J/K

    Quite a few guys are shy at your age to talk with women and yes, he probably likes you. Can you pick up the conversation next time to keep him from bolting? In the past, I've found that when women talk about themselves, it can fill in the awkwardness at times.

    • Thanks, I was trying to talk to him but I don't know how😂 What should I talk to him about?

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    • That's a good sign that he acts different around you since it shows he's nervous and may genuinely like you better than the other girls he's around.

    • Wow! Thanks!!!

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  • Sounds like he likes you

    (i have a similar question that no ones answering.. pls :))


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  • If you like him talk to him. If you don't, ignore him.


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  • My guess he likes you!


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