Is this girl interested?

I met a girl last week from a hobby website we had both joined (a non-dating website that is).

We met up in a cafe, and after about 15 mins or so, she suggested we have a look around in other places. We couldn't find anywhere at first, it was raining, so I suggested we watch a movie - she declined.

We ended up in two galleries, and I had her laughing a lot, at various points she told me "you're really funny!", and there was a bit of playful teasing going on. I recall her touching my arm at one point, and standing close-ish to me quite a bit. She also later said "we should've gone to see a movie".

Before we left, she asked if there was anything else we could do. I said I'd have to get back, but we could arrange to meet up again. The next day I texted her to ask if she fancied another cafe and the cinema this time. She said yes. After I asked this, the number of kisses (x) at the end of her texts increased from one to two. She also seemed happy I suggested it.

What at are the chance she is interested? And is she thinking this cinema trip is a date, or is she expecting me to make some sort of move?
I should probably say, I wasn't intending for it to be a date. But I'm wondering, is she thinking its a date? We didn't specify a movie to watch, she just said we'll see what's good on to watch.


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  • Dude, she is 100% interested. It's definitely a date. Go for it!

    • Thanks for the tip! Does it matter than we've literally only had about six texts each since we met last week?

    • You are thinking too much about it. Just go with the flow and have fun on your date. Going to the movies isn't a great date though because you can't talk. Make sure you two walk a bit or go get food afterwards.

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