I love you you love me… Are we meant to be?

The guy I am dating has been in my life for a long time... WE never knew until this year though. It all started 5 years ago. My friend told me about his best friend. This best friend really interested me and I wanted to know more about who he is, so I added him on Facebook. But then i deleted my account again, so I couldn't really chat with the best friend. A few years later, I decided to change schools because of personal reasons and there I met a girl, who was surprisingly, the girlfriend of this guy. She left him to go to Australia and I just thought: hey! he is that guy I have been looking for. But I didn't do anything about it until this year. He approached me and we started talking... Well, now we are going out... Do you think we are meant to be as I just heard about him and started searching and now we are together after I stopped looking for him?


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