How should I approach him?

We are both at uni. We attend the same lectures. Apart from that, we rarely see each other on campus. He is checking me out all the time during the lectures. I always sit somewhere behind him. So he'll have to turn around in his seat to look at me. I'm definitely interested. He seem interested too. We have our last lecture together next week. After that we'll probably not meet again. I want to make a move and let him know I'm interested. What should I do?


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  • If he turns around to look at you he is definitely interested. Ask him out for a coffee.

    • How sure are you about that? I just want to be careful not getting hurt in any way. My friend caught him looking at me as well. I don't know it that says something about him.

      I could ask him out for a coffee or something. He's always with his friends. I don't know how to isolate him from his friends for a few minutes. We're are strangers to one another, we don't know each other's names. I think it's going to be difficult.

    • I'm 99% sure. And how will you get hurt, love? It's not like you're getting married...

      Walk up to the group and touch his arm gently and say "NAME, can I talk to you for second?". Then walk a little ways away (he will follow you) and say "Hey, you know it's been a great semester. I've sure enjoyed those lectures. >Insert a funny anecdote about the lecture or lecturerpick a time

    • Wauw 99%? Well I have been hurt by guys so many times. So I prefer not putting myself outthere.
      We don't know each other names. We're studying two different courses and the only subject our courses share are these lectures. Your idea is great, I just don't know his name. I only know how he look like.

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  • Ask him to help you study for a test or help with a paper for that class so u guys can spend time together. Or if u want to make a smaller step then ask for a copy of his notes for that day because u were just having an off day and u weren't paying attention

    • It's a great advice. But there's no tests, exams or anything. So we are unlikely to use our notes in the near future. We're studying two different courses and the only subject our courses share are these lectures. So my approach can't be about school. :/

      Thank you so much for your advice. :)

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