Would you be upset if your bf/gf did not do anything special for your birthday?

I have been dating my girlfriend off and on for about 2 years. She lives in Colombia, so I only get to see her about 5 times a year, but always try to make her feel special. For example, she would tell me all of the time that her back hurts and didn't get a good night sleep. I surprised her with buying a new bed for her birthday; I'm a guy, I like to fix things... of course she complained that it was a semi-doble and not a doble (different sizes in Colombia). Last year she told me me that she needed to put her cellphone in the freezer because the screen was cracked, the phone was heating to the point that she could not hold it anymore. So I bought her a new cell phone; no birthday or Christmas needed, just because it would make her life easier.

She is finishing her college degree and works part-time so she can pay rent; so I know that she doesn't have money to buy a gift for my birthday. Of course I have been paying half of her rent, so she should have a little extra money... but I don't want a gift, just to do something special, you know like draw a picture in the sand, wake me up by singing happy birthday, something a little extra that doesn't cost anything.

When I told her that it was my birthday last year, she responded that she doesn't even remember her best friend's birthday. We were on a break during my birthday this year, so I can't blame her for that. Are my expectations valid or should I just resign to the fact that if I want to be with her, don't expect to be treated special on my birthday?


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  • I think she should've done something special and should do something special. You really care for her and give her everything she needs, the least she could do is like make you breakfast in bed or something like that, like you said, something that doesn't cost anything. I would get very upset if my significant other didn't want to do anything for my birthday.


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