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Me and my boyfriend have been dating long distance, He is going to go off to the military soon and I don't know if I will ever be able to see him. I'm thinking about going to college in France, so that will also make it harder. His mom and dad also dislike me, but he doesn't care what they think and wants to still be with me. I just don't know what to do at this point.
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  • Try to see if he will stay with me
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  • You're both still very young. It's best to pursue what life has to offer. I'm a true believer that it will work out in the future if it's meant to be. However, you're fighting a serious uphill battle against his parents and your current situations. Those things may resolve themselves in time, but for now your happiness might be found in parting ways. Enjoy France!


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  • It's not a relationship if you aren't seeing each other regularly, or sharing experiences. Sorry, but it is simply a verbal arrangement, and there's no point in obligating yourselves to people you won't actually be with. You won't get your needs fulfilled, and you will both end up seeking satisfaction elsewhere. Just part ways now respectably, and save yourselves the heartache.

  • You should definitely have a conversation with him about this. I don't think that you should be sacrificing your dreams for his, because there's no guarantee that he would do the same for you (also, preventing someone from following their dreams can breed resentment). You might find it easier to break up. I have done the long distance thing, and it's so hard, especially when you start losing hope of ever being able to be together. Just be honest with each other.

  • Stay together and just continue long distance! or do what makes you more happy apple!


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