Christmas present for my Crush?

I want offer something to my crush made with my own hands..

I was thinking offering her this:

The Text is Portuguese and says "I love you" but i won't put love you i will put "I Adore you very much"

But i don't know if i could make something similiar or more simple or anyother thing

Any Suggestions or Opinions for Christmas present for my crush? :s
So i've made the cookies:



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  • hmmm I am pretty to send all gagers that i care for cookies! hahah Everyone give me your address!!! lol I want give you cookies shaped like hearts with your names on them! i really do want to! I love gag so much!

    • So your suggestion is make cookies shaped like hearts with her name? :D

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    • I will! Thank You very much apple24!

    • no thank you for reading my mess! lol good luck!

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  • That's very cute & way better than something that no thought has been put into! I like the idea :)

    I'm not gonna see my girlfriend over Christmas but I would probably bake some biscuits and put them in a pretty box together with a letter for her or something like that, if I would see her.

    • You made me embarassed because i wasn't expecting something like you wrote, thank you very much :$

      Well i was thinking on that thing as i showed on the post but the problem is those 4 bars holding up together the smarties and for base i would write the date we started talking 28/06/2015

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    • hahah if you were doing that I would probably cry like a tragic movie! lol For now I cry when I watch movies...

    • @Jxpxtxr thanks!

What Guys Said 2

  • CAKE, how about some CAKE?
    ~Kim Jong Un~

    • What kinda of Cake, cake shaped in heart with her name and "I adore you" ?

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    • How and where you present the cake also matters. I dont know the specifics of the situation (your life). So I can't suggest specific things.

    • I don't mind waiting, i just want she likes very much and make her feel special diferent from others
      we are 1 month from Christmas i could make one :)

      "You could make the cake about the love you 2 share" We're not in relationship and not sure if she loves me the same way i do..

      She's also in Culinary Course

      "I would also inlcude a Rose. Either a pastry rose or a real one. Roses are so beautiful I feel, I can watch them and adore them for long!!"

      I made her Origami of Rose when she started her Culinary Course and a letter saying good luck and anything you need or want i'll be here

  • So many flowers

    • Only flowers? I want something made with my own hands D:

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