After a fight do you think it's better to make up straight away?

Do you prefer to wait a couple of days or within a few hours?
  • Wait for a few days
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  • The next day
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  • Or within a few hours
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Most Helpful Guy

  • A few hours is usually all it should take... any longer than that, and a lot of worry and unneeded stress starts to kick in, and it makes the situation worse. I've only had two big fights within relationships, and in both cases, we just backed off for two or three hours and came back together wanting to make up. They were usually emotional times full of a lot of apologizing, and it created a good environment for us to sort things out. I would NEVER leave my woman waiting in pain and frustration all night.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Just wait until the two of you are cooled off enough to talk about it.


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  • Just grab her, throw her on the bed, and have mad sex.

    How would you girls feel if your man did that? :)


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