He texts me non stop but doesn't ask to hang out?

so I met this guy at a work conference and he gave me his business card. so I called him a few days later and asked him to come out, he said he couldn't but would like to the following week on a Thursday, then he didn't call me till the Thursday. when he called he told me I should stop by his work whenever I'm around and we talked for a bit but he never asked me to actually do something. like we were suppose to. then the following day he texted me to through out the day.

he hasn't asked me to do anything but he casually texts me and I've heard he might have a girlfriend...whats the deal...is he interested and if so why did he ask me the week before to hang out, wait to talk to me on the day we were suppose to and still not meet up with me?


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  • Maybe he's keeping you as a spare.

    • Hmm what do you mean by this...if were not even hanging out and weve only known each other for a week? also why would he bother texting me during work? do guys really just text to text?

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    • If he text continously then stop suddenly at 6pm then something fishy is going on. He might have stopped because he's preoccupied with something like his girlfriend or wife or baseball game etc. Don't wait for him to initiate but don't act like you are desparate either.

    • Thanks so much your advice is great! I just have one last question how long should I let this texting go on for without him asking me to do anything in person

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