I ruined my relationship. Can you give me an advice?

It was totally my fault and it was months ago that we broke up but I still tormenting myself because of the guilt and because I miss him so much. Every time I surprise myself thinking " if I hadn't ruined everything we would be doing this or going to this place" When I go out with other guy I feel like no one will be as good as my ex.

And I feel like a bitch because it kills me to know that he will be happy with someone else.

Am I too crazy or or obsessed?


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  • You fucked up and the only thing you can do now is learn from your mistakes and move on.

    And it's natural to hate the idea of him dating someone else, but that's something that will go away with time, and you should try to avoid thinking about it if possible.


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  • It's actually terrible to say "if I hadn't done that, we would be together", because couples who genuinely value each other, and love each other, show forgiveness, and fight to be with each other. You two were not going to last if you both couldn't discuss what happened, forgive, and determine the best approach to make the relationship better, together. If however, you did something really hurtful or disrespectful to him, then you didn't value him enough in the first place not to do that.


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  • You're not crazy or too obsessed. Try to forgive yourself for what you did and use it as a learning experience.


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