She flaked on our 2nd date, now what?

been talking to a woman 15 years younger for almost 3 weeks, been on one good date, we had a great time, She recently moved and has been very busy so it took 11 days for the 2nd date. It was to be today, I texted her about an hour before to arrange our meeting place, no answer so we never got to meet and we had difinitive plans made last night, her plans. that was 7 hours ago and I have not heard from her. I sent one text when i sensed she wasn't coming and just said "are you cancelling, let me know"
so now what, I can't message her, I was interested and it seemed she was too, I got signs she was.


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  • Possibility 1) She lost her phone during the move.
    Possibility 2) She is simply ignoring you, hoping you get the hint that she doesn't want to meet, because she changed her mind about you. (yes, it's immature)

    • why would she make plans yesterday?

    • Something happened in between the time she made plans, and the time of the date, and she just doesn't want to explain herself.

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