Would you let a guy take you out on a sunset sailing cruise for a third date?

Or do you think it's better to get to know the guy more before doing that? I'm tempted to go just because it sounds amazing and super romantic, and he seems like a good guy, but I've just seen too many Criminal Minds episodes I think lol.

Would I be crazy for going? I really want to... but I want to be safe too. Not that I feel like he's not a good guy or that I can't trust him, I just don't know him really well yet and we'll be out on the water by ourselves, at night.


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  • I wouldn't let a guy take me anywhere, but hey I'm not a woman. lol

    Sounds kinda of romantic. If it's too soon for you, just let him know. If he's a decent guy, he'll understand.

    Just so long as he's not going out to international waters where they dump bodies. Sorry, I'm just kidding. Better safe than sorry.

    • Yeah, just left it up for anyone to comment if they want to lol. I hate the gender-restricted thing.

      Good points.

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  • Just go with your gut instinct. You're not going to be able to truly enjoy the date until you're comfortable being completely alone with the dude. Maybe say that you're not ready for such a romantic date just yet and want to do something else and then just get to know him until you feel safe with him then go do that date. I'm saying don't do it even though I'm pretty sure he has no bad intentions at all just because it's a waste of a romantic date if you're worried about such a heinous thing.


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  • To be honest, I'd be a little freaked out to go. Maybe you can delay it for another time?


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