Guys, Is this too soon for a me to do?

( I'm 17 ) So, I'm a very smart person and have good morals.. Not as naive as the age group of guys I date may think that I am (19-22) This guy is 22 , we met on a dating website called POF about 2 days ago. He was very attractive and interesting to talk to.. He is a Marine deployed in Belgium right now. I'm guessing he is lonely and needs females to talk to? Anyway, I'm kind of protective when it comes to my feelings. And I fall pretty fast.. So, we talked for 2 days straight and then he slowly stopped talking to me... I know he could be busy but me being selfish I took it as an offense when I told him that I couldn't sleep and wanted to talk so he ignored me. A day later waiting for a response I sent him a bra pic just to see his reaction.. He finally responded and seemed interested in talking more after that... He told me that when he gets home he is coming to meet me (we kind of talked about it before the bra pic) but he wasn't insisting on any more pictures like that of me.. Was that too soon? Did I completely blow up everything? Lol I might be over reacting or just crazy... Please respond with your opinions. Thanks :)


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  • You just made him want to have sex. So... you blew it up. now he things of sex never love now. good luck.


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