So I've caught feelings for him and like him. Do I just end things?

We first hooked up and slept together after a night out a year ago. A month after he asked me out on a date over the Christmas holidays and again we out two days later. But I was still in university, three hours away so we's just hook up when we’d see eachother. I moved back after I finished school and we still continued to hook up.

I invited him to a concert lastnight with two other friends of ours, we went out after too then we ended up back at his place. We haven't talked about our feelings with eachother much until yesterday.. I asked him if he liked me and he said ofcourse so I told him I like him too, and that I care about him, but he was sort of in disbelief when I said I care about him...

At this point Im not okay with just hooking up with him when I see him randomly because I have feelings, and this has been going on for a year. I enjoy spending time with him and would want to go bacl to actually hanging out and dating. is that even posible? I feel we really do have something.. we cannot keep away when we see eachother. He's always trying to sit next to me or gets really shy around me when were not drinking and avoids eye contact. We either have something or we dont, and if we dont, I need to move on.


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  • You should communicate with him verbally what you want, ''where do you see this go...'' if there's any indefinite answer from him, and you wanted to be exclusive? It's best to move on, cause life is too short to hang around with someone whose values; beliefs doesn't correlate with yours.


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