I don't want my family to meet him?

I am very different to my family & like it that way. But it I am nervous about the guy I'm seeing meeting them because I don't want him to leave because of them. Also if our families meet in the future then I am afraid it won't work...

I am more like his family. I drink, I party, I wear nice clothes & take pride in my appearance. I get my hair, nails & eyebrows done regularly. I like pretty mainstream TV shows & music. I like a clean house, light colours, nice interior design, light & minimal clutter.

My family are awkward and nerdy. Wear daggy clothes, watch nerdy shows & listen to orchestral music for fun. When his family are lunching & partying mine are at church or playing in orchestra. My dad has terrible personal hygiene, my dogs smell, my house is cluttered.

As much as they are my family, I don't want them to reflect badly on me.


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  • One day he is going to want to meet your family. You can't hide them forever. Maybe he can meet them in a public place. If your house is cluttered. I would not bring him at the house to meet them. Another tough thing would be the type of questions they would ask him? If your man loves you I don't think he would judge you based on the way your family looks and acts.


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  • Did you watch "my big fat Greek wedding?"


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