Guys, bad kissers, what do you think?

If you like a girl and you're attracted to her but she isn't a good kisser- it isn't like sloppy and gross, she just doesn't really seem to know HOW, how much of a turn off is it?

I've kissed 5 people in my life but only made out a few times and I thought I just didn't like kissing so I avoided kissing this guy I was casually seeing but later I realized I just didn't enjoy it because I didn't really like him.
When I finally kissed a guy I liked a lot he wasn't a very good kisser himself but I loved it because it was him, but later he confided to me that I was bad at it. We kissed a few more times but all when we were drunk and argued about who was worse. Well anyway a guy friend kissed me and confirmed I was bad at it.

So now I'm very insecure about it! I've kinda pinpointed what I'm doing wrong but I can't be sure without testing it out but I'm not down to kiss anyone I know right now lol.

Is it a big deal? Some of my female friends have cut a guy off over bad kissing...

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  • It's kissing, practice makes perfect not a turn off at all even if they don't get better, as long as the love is there and they try all fine with me.


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  • Wow, people seriously don't know what to complain about anymore :(

    • I'm sure people have complained about this as long as humans have been kissing lol