How do I know if this guy like me?

Ok so it's this gut that I work with he's my manager every time I see him he's all ways looking at me and when I catch him looking at me sometimes he will turn his head and play if off then other times he just keeps looking at me until I look at him and try and figure out what he's looking at so I thought it was no big deal but until I start noticing him in little corners looking at just everytime I look up he somewhere behind me and other people start noticing it to and he only do that to me and been with this company for 3 years I've always been on time I guess what I'm trying to say do he like because he is cute it's just that want him to talk to me I wanna talk to him but I'm shy so I guess we will never nip this in the butt please help thanks for listening everyone


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  • Seems like he likes you. Some guys look but never approach for a variety of reasons. One is that he's your manager and unless you work in an environment where he doesn't care about his job, he may never act. Maybe he's already got a girlfriend and just looks at you from afar, who knows. If you like him, you'll have to break from your shyness and talk to him. You work with him, so you should be able to say something work related and then break off into someone more personal or maybe make some jokes or show some playful sarcasm. It's really up to you considering the position he's in at the moment being your manager.

    • Thank you for your comment and I will take what you said and apply it When I go in tomorrow

    • Glad I could help.

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  • I think you likes you. Once there was a guy who I would also always catch staring at me and he would never come up to me, and I'm shy as well so I was scared to go up to him but one day I built up the courage to walk up to him and I was about to talk and he ended up asking me out and admitting that he has had his eye on me for a while. So your manager is for sure attracted to you physically, I suggest building up the courage to talk to him. I'm not sure what I would say but maybe ask some of your friends and come up with the perfect plan to get you guys together!


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  • Maybe you should hand him your phone number using a paper if you're that shy. or truly like him

    • I thought about doing that lol but I don't know how he would react I love my job a lot for him to react negatively Lol

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