Should u build attraction or get to know a girl more before asking a girl out to coffee or after u ask?

Ok so there is this girl in one of my classes and we've talked a couple times and she might be possibly attracted to me but I don't know for sure. I want to ask her out to coffee so it's more casual and we can get to know eachother. But is it better to build more attraction then ask or is it better to ask her to coffee and then build the attraction from there?


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  • Ask her out to coffee you never can go wrong with that tell her that it's not a date or anything that's if she wants it be but and if she declines then tell her that the offer still on the table if she still wants to have coffee Then take it slow or then get know her more I say just go for it good luck


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  • It's better to build attraction first. I've done numerous time on getting a girl's number after a quick rapport. Majority flakes. It's because they don't recognize you as that charming funny guy.


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