Do I stay persistent with a girl or let her go?

A previous question of mine is of the same situation. Basically, a girl who I was friends with for around a year split up with her boyfriend and a couple of months later we kissed in a nightclub. After that kiss we slept together a couple of times and spent a few days out together in the space of around two weeks. I asked her out on a proper date that I arranged and she had to cancel on me a couple of hours before because she was ill. After that things got a bit rocky as she would have her guard up on me every time we went on a night out and stopped sending kisses at the end of texts. One of my friends who she lives near told me "she likes you and doesn't want to mess things up" before the rocky phase. I decided to ask her if things were going to go further and she said she doesn't want a relationship. She claims she has no time but after Christmas she might. I decided the best thing to do is stay friends but I am still head over heels for her.
So what do I do, do I stay in this dark place until after Christmas and see if things change (We do still text) or do I let her go and start to try and feel myself again?


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  • You should stay persistent with this girl by asking her out, and then have fun! Stop asking her to be your girlfriend! You shouldn't bring up this topic at all since she has mentioned she isn't ready for a relationship.

    • Cheers for the advice man. I'm just unsure about if she see's me as boyfriend material so I've got to try and find out but I'm avoiding raising the topic with her.

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