Why does my boyfriend ignore me?

I'm 23 w/ 2 kids, he's 24, no kids. We've been together for about 2 years. He has cheated on me (not physically, but with online accounts and setting up hook ups) things like that. He has hit me before and once he told me that he could see why my ex used to beat my ass. I'm not gonna lie, I'm clingy, I am extremely insecure, my last relationship was extremely abusive and I still have self esteem issues. I do a lot for my boyfriend, I spoil him. Take him out to eat, buy him things, I give him head all the time. But it never seems to be enough. I'm always working or at home with him and my kids but he doesn't trust me. He's very selfish too. I ask him for small favors and he always says no. I usually do what he asks me to. And when it comes to money, he gets mad if I ask for a small coffee or something, but with me its never an issue. I barely make more money than him so I don't understand why he gets mad. He doesn't bring me around his family anymore either. I suspect his mom doesn't like me.. he Nevers gives me the proper attention. I always ask about his day and I make sure his needs are taken care of. But he never bothers to ask about my feelings. He never takes me out unless I ask, and he never tells me I'm pretty. If I ask he says "yeah" and that's it. It really bothers me when I get all ready for him and he doesn't even bother to compliment me where as I always compliment him calling him handsome and things like that... he also doesn't like talking about the future. And he won't introduce me to his friends. I think he's embarrassed of me. He doesn't even let me pick him up from work anymore. So what am I doing wrong? We've broken up before but I was the one who asked for him back and he cried and told me he was sorry for whatever he did..


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  • I think you deserve someone better

    • Thank you! Do you think a lot of his issues has to do with the fact that we're so young? I'm ready to settle down and he doesn't seem to be interested.

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    • Wow that's a long time to make someone wait.

    • Yeah especially when she was giving it out to random guys that she met at the bar. I don't think she ever had any intentions of giving it to me.

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  • He could be seeking attention elsewhere but might I add why the hell are you still with him? Just because you're insecure and clingy doesn't mean another man won't want your clinginess? You're letting him step all over you and you're even pointing it out where it is unfair and how you're treated. He's taking you for granted and expects you to basically kneel at his feet. Don't give more than what you get, it's not a titt for tat and a relationship should never be. It's so unfortunate that you do not know what you deserve and you'd be shocked at what a true man and gentleman acts like, he is a selfish boy.

    • Maybe I'm just scared that no one else will love me? I have a disease that makes me gain weight so that makes me very insecure ha :/

    • This all comes with time, trust me it's hard to get out of relationship and you can't let your insecurity take control over your life. You're miserable can't you see? There is someone they will love you even better

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  • Because your 'boyfriend' is a lowlife piece of shit. You deserve so so so much more than this. Dump him, move on, love yourself first and take care of your kids, you don't need this poison in your life, trust me 💜

    • Thank you <3 its just tough, because I really care for him :/

    • I know, I know you care about him, maybe you even love him? That's because you've got a big heart and sometimes vile people take advantage of the fact that you do. Be strong, know your worth. You are worth more than this!!! You deserve someone who treats you like an equal at least and a queen at best. You deserve so much better than this. He's obviously an undeserving lowlife to have someone as loving and awesome as you in his life. He's probably never going to change. Chuck him for your own sake. I'm always here if you want to PM, I've been through some emotional/physical abuse and toxic relationships myself.

  • What you are doing wrong is you haven't given yourself time to heal and love you. Because if you did you what have left the time he hit you. I been in a abusive relationship the worst thing you can do is jump into another relationship write away. Men are like predators they can tell if you have low self esteem and an easy target to manipulate. You should work on loving yourself and your kids. You are pretty much going through the same thing but different situation. a real man makes sure hi woman his happy. And respects and values you and is never ashamed. But you can't expect someone to love you when you can't love yourself. What would be the best version of you? And what will you not tolerate from anyperson? Write it down and read that everyday. If that helps you love yourself more. But live yourself more than you love him. Don't be blinded by his words when his actions tell more.


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