This guy hates me and has a strong judgement about me?

He hates me for no reason, he makes judgements about me, he said during the time i knew you, you were lazy, shitty character, no ambitions, no goal in life (he doesn't even know i worked 3 jobs, next to my school), i was fired during that time for coming late to work but that was because i was truly overworked, i couldnt deal with it anymore. He said i probably flirted, and he made very rude comments, saying i was a low life and i will go nowhere in life and he questioned everything i did.

He said i ruined my chances with him, (i think he knew he did because he ket pointing fingers at me). He said i sleep around with guys and are of low quality just because i slept with him on the first date (i realllllllly liked him and it was my first time kissing a guy). I felt scare dhe was going to use me so i fought over him through text, he then felt If i told him about my dreams, he just said yea whatever... i found out he is dating a very ugly woman now, next to her i am a supermodel (she probably gives him a lot of attention), she has a mustache and dresses extremely trashy, he used me a sex objext while taking her to his family.

I was depressed during that time, he said i was damaged. He said he was sorry he met such a girl''... in truth, i am a virgin, works hard, conservative, very careful with men, a bit playful, social but over loyal, and im working hard to achieve my dreams, i even got an amazing chance to model overseas soon... why do you think he thought so low of me? and will he ever regret it?

First i thought it was my skin color i am east African, big curly long hair, brown eyes, tall, graceful culture, but he is dating a very dark west African now, and she ain't the prettiest, why her and not me? we clicked on the first day and he just gave up on me? he hates me and treated me like trash when i texted him, i have a feeling he is using the poor girl and will marry his own down the line (he is east european, russian)


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  • Don't pay attention to it. You don't need people like that on your life


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