Is he interested?

So I met this guys a few days ago, on the school bus. We talked a little bit and I was actually kind of interested in him. I tried to be very outgoing and open and it worked, and it seemed like he was sort of interested in me too. Later at school he looked at me, and also in the bus later he looked at me. I was really glad, haha. Anyway, I can be veeery shy when I like guys, and I'll just kind of avoid them. So, this guy isn't the most outgoing person, he's sort of shy, and I feel like he isn't interested in me anymore. I don't say hi to him or anything when I see him. I just shy out. And he doesn't look at me anymore, it's like he hates me, but he barely knows me, so he can't. Do you think he ever liked me?

To be honest, I can talk to guys so easily, but once I start liking them, and start considering being something more than just friends with them I just turn completely shy... And usually I like them before I get to know them really well, so when I like them I don't get to know them properly.. Do you have any tips and tricks when it comes to this?


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  • I don't see any signs that he does


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