This woman will not stop trying to get with my boyfriend and won't stop trying to split us up?

I just wrote this same post. However, I pressed the "Only Guys" instead of opinions from both. So I am going to repost. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years now and almost the entire time we have been together I have had to deal with this obsessed woman from his past. They never hooked up but she has sent him numerous nudes in the past before him and I got together. I am going to try to keep this short and simple, so please bare with me.
*He will block her off everything, including his phone; and then she will make new accounts and change her number frequently to start talking to him again (then email him and blame me for everything).
*She has sent me numerous threatening emails (30-40+) or emails in general about how I don't deserve him and that our children would be calling her mommy one day.
*She has done everything in her power to split my boyfriend and I up. Even going to the extent of making fake texts between her and I OR making a facebook account with my name on it, trying to make it look like I have been starting shit with her.
*She frequently tells people that him and her talk all the time (although I know for a fact that they don't. My boyfriend is very open and honest with me and will tell me the second she tries contacting him again).
*She has his friends turning against him and working with her to try to hook them up, because she is "from the navy and has more to offer him than I do".

The last time she tried this was last summer and my boyfriend completely lost it on her. Told her he was going to contact authorities if she didn't stop the constant harassment and he again blocked her off of everything. He even deleted his facebook account and changed his number and he blocked her instantly off of both as soon as he got everything changed. She didn't contact him again until today. She has yet another facebook account and is trying to add him again. Even liking and commenting on photos of our children stating "Can't wait to meet them".


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  • This is one that should be turned over to the police. Stalking isn't to be dealt with. This invokes more than just you and him here , she has dragged you kids into this.


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  • Honestly get a restraining order, file for harassment, or talk to her commanding officer. Throw the book at that crazy bitch!

    Tell your man to just stay off Facebook , change your IP address. I think she has you guys IP address and thatsr why she keeps finding put his stuff. I don't know if this will help but get a VPN or IP address scrambler. Find someone who is good with computers and that will help you with that. After that have your man change all his digital fingerprints and start from scratch.

    Find someone that will help you guys protect your privacy.


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  • Have her charged for harassment and stalking, immediately.

  • I think you should actually contact the authorities because this is stalking and is obviously making you two uncomfortable


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