How do I become a unboring "nice guy "?

Most girls see me as a nice guy which I am and I think the other reason why im not getting a girlfriend is because i can be dull at times. I do play a sport, enrolled in band, and love to laugh at comedy but that isn't make me a intriguing person that girls want so i just need some tips and by the way i Dive as a sport.


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  • Okay! First thing don't blame yourself if you don't have a girlfriend.
    It's just not true.

    May be at your age you think so and other girls do too but just being unboring isn't the key to get a girlfriend. And in case you are working too hard to be cool to impress a girl that would be a huge repulsion.
    Stop worrying and just be yourself. Find your comfort zone and be the best you can be.
    The right girl will come along soon.

    And being in a relationship is all about the right chemistry and the 'click'!

    And you are cool enough ^_^

    • Butvi feel i have found the right girl but i always get my heart stomped on and my feelings just burst i get very angry depressed confused i just am not good in thos type of dark ages

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    • U made mine:)

    • That little fact made me happy! Enjoy!

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  • Open doors for her.. Slap her ass when she walks past

    Be nice and a gentleman but also be assertive (but not a dickhead) you just need a balance between nice guy and assertive guy

    • Won't slapping her ass make her wanna roundhouse kick me?

    • I meant when you're in a relationship (forgot to add that in sorry dude)

      Look up Elliott Hulse... He's a perfect example.. He's badass as fuck but not a dickhead

    • But could u help me with not being in a relationship?

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