Guy thinks low of me?

he judged my character like crazy, he said i was not worhty of more of him and he will not spend time on me, he called me an whore, slut, unstable, bipolar, psycho, borderline, that i am not smart, he made me feel insecure about myself, i started to believe these things and got depressed. He said we dont fit because i will go nowhere in my life, why would he says such things? why not leave someone alone after dumping him. 'He is now dating a very very ugly girl, his ex lookes like a princess next to her, but this girl he treates her like gold. He used me for sex and disrespected me... doesn't that say about him? i think he knew deep in his heart that i was worth much more (out of his legeau, he said i was the most beautiful girl he has been with so far), and he is scared that i will shine without him. He said maybe my blonde bombshell is walking on this earth and now he is dating a very dark west African girl. He said i was a lowlife and now i think that i am while i used to have such a high confidence about myself and now i think i am. I am a virgin for gods sake.


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  • My dear sorry to say this but you sound funny.
    What ever your ex said to you is to weigh you down and will also love to see you go down to the earth. he said all these because he thought to himself and found out that you can do 99% better without him.

    Forget him and move on. move on like nothing had happened. I had a similar case and to tell you the truth he is wallowing in shame cos am happily moving on and doing perfectly well now despite all his rubbish condemnation. Be yourself and not what someone thinks you are. #winks...


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