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I recently started dating this guy that ived known for over a year. We connected the moment we met but never took the relationship any further because of the distance. However, we have been dating from the moment I moved back home. The relationship got physical a month into dating (honestly I tried to hold off but I had not had sex in over 5 years). I really like this guy but Im often left wondering if he likes, he does not hold my hand in public but he does kiss me and hug me when saying hello and goodbye, he's a complete gentleman (opens doors, pays for dinner or lunch, and etc) but he's super reserved and does not share anything about his life. honestly, I can go on about all the things I like about him but the fact is that two months im and im wondering where do we stand? I don't want to fall for someone who does not want me back, who is not as emotionally invested as I am. Will it be ok to just flat out ask him? Or should I wait? Please give me some counsel.


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  • If I had known a guy over a year, dated for a few months... i would certainly be asking him where we stand. I would feel very uncomfortable not knowing anything personal about him, after knowing him all that time.

    To be honest, it doesn't seem as though he is "reserved,", I'd define him as " secretive". It appears strange that he has not disclosed any personal info about his life in that length of time.

    Explain to him that due to him being so
    " reserved," it has left you feeling confused and full of doubt about his intentions. His response , or lack of response will let you know exactly where you stand with him.

    I would think twice about reserving a place in your heart for a guy who , may or may not feel the same way. You could be setting yourself up for a heartbreak , so ask him outright. Hopefully he will be able to put your mind at rest , and your relationship can then develop further. 😊💛


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