Is he trying to get rid of me but too nice to say so?

I've been talking to this guy for months , everyday through out the day and night. Serious talk , he's told me he feels we are meant to be, he sees a future with me etc. We have a lot in common and after like almost four months I slept with him. Everything was fine and then a week later he told me he doesn't want to rush us being he is still dealing with stuff from his last relationship. I got upset because we had discussed our status prior. I told him how I felt and he said he wasn't ready n sorry for not saying he wasn't a hundred percent ready n that he was trying to move forward but has a lot on his plate , he started telling me about his ex how he hates her n would never get back with her but still isn't over her, then about work and stressing about money and family issues n a childhood friendship that ended. He said again he didn't wanna rush. I told him I understood n tried being encouraging n that I'm here for him. I gave him space. He started coming around n then stopped , so I initiated some of our silly convos n nothing. Finally I said something about it that this was just bothering me we barely talk or he'll start a convo n then stop talking to me n he said he's just trying not to stress he feels shitty physically n mentally and that he's tryna get better , I told him he'd be ok. But I'm not sure I'm ok, I don't know if he's saying bye in a nice way or if it's real. I really like him a lot butbi feel like the last five months have been one giant mind fuck. I feel like things will get better but at the same time I feel like he is trying to get rid of me. Everything was great and now I don't know. Like he was different , I didn't rush because I didn't wanna get played I wanted to make sure he was serious n then bam


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  • So he says you two are perfect but ignores you the moment after he gets you in his bed
    Sorry, but it sounds like the guy used you. Probably a player, so he's definitely toxic. I think it's best to forget about him, move on, and find an authentic good guy.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think he needs even more space and time. It may be the end, or he may come back when he's ready. I wouldn't wait for him though. You deserve to be happy, and it sounds like he's bringing you a lot of stress.


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