Guys, boy problems?

Right there is this boy in my year (year11) and i have liked him since year10 but i ended up messing things up abit few weeks ago😐
And now i think he doesn't like me AT ALL
its just really WERID and i hate it like i never wanted things to be like this between us.
Sooooo what happened was that at first my friend told him that i think he was really hot and when she told him he went bright red and smiled and walked off, that bit was okayyy but i fucked up big time, when i got drunk my cousin rang him and talked about me to him #awkward 😂 So i think he hates me now because i dont know things are abit different now and i feel like a weirdo
he is realllllyyy mysterious and what i mean by that is not many people know a lot about him and he doesn't like telling people things but he's really funny when he's with his friends and everyone loves him because he's soo hot. I dont want to sound bog headed but im one of the popular girls in my school and im known as the pretty girl in my school. Sorry i sound really big headed but i just want to know why he hasn't said anything to me when he knows i like him!! This is pissing me off toooo much i have never been rejected like this before


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  • What is the point about whether you have any


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