How should I surprise my long distance boyfriend?

We live many states away i live in florida and he lives in kentucky. We have facetimed every single night for five months now and want to see each other so bad. I decided I am going to fly up there one weekend in January to finally see him in person. I have been in contact with his bestfriends who are helping me through this entire thing. we have worked out all the deatails i just want creative ideas on how i can surprise him the first time. I et there at 4:00 and he has a basketball game at 7:00 he would go home between school and his game. Any ideas would be helpful i dont want to just knock on his door.
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if i surprise his after game i won't be able to watch him play because i wouldn't want to distract him during his game


Most Helpful Guy

  • DURING game.

    Is this the first time you meet face to face? Bring a sign that says "Nice to finally meet you" and you and his friends can shout out so he looks at the stands and sees you.

    • yes it would be the first time face to face
      and i don't think i would be able to sit in the stands for an hour without running to go hug him so any other ideas
      even tho that would be cute

Most Helpful Girl

  • Have you asked your parents? That's kinda crucial and you didn't mention their consent.


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What Guys Said 2

  • After game , even if he loses the game he will be happy he at least met you.

  • I don't like surprises so just tell him you're coming in and he'll play harder when you're there.

    • i know for a fact he does
      his friends wouldn't be helping if this wouldn't make him happy

What Girls Said 1

  • Go to the end of his game so u can surprise him there


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