When do you bring a guy to your house?

If I had my own place I wouldn't mind inviting over a guy that I'm seeing but since I'm eighteen and live at home I don't do it, am I the only one who don't? At least not until I know what he's after. I don't want to invite over a guy who might not be serious at all and having my parents seeing/meeting him that would just be awkward. If he was a friend it would be different. For example I started seeing a guy and after the first "date" he wanted to come to my place but I said no, I told him no even after a week as well. It just feels weird.


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  • I usually don't bring guys over to my house at all unless my parents are away for the weekend lol. If I had a boyfriend then I would after being with him for a few months but other than that, I don't bring them over.


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