Am I wasting my time on her?

Ok so I'm talking to this girl and where having some problems we wanted something serious but then I don't know what happend with her I told her if I'm wasting my time on her and she didn't reply back so I told her again and she said I guess so.. She didn't say es or no so I don't know if I am or not or she still cares but wants me to keep playing her game to see if I really care. some one help


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  • I think u should pull away from her! I'm actually doing the same thing now to this guy ! When they start acting like that, it's best to STOP contacting them! If they like u, they'll contact YOU! Don't text her or anything until she contacts u! Just pull away

    • or he hurt her feelings

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    • that sounds like something someone would say if you hurt their feelings

    • @howzit2015 I never did anything to her tho she was nice in the moron and invite afternoon she didn't wanna talk anymore I don't know :(

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