Should I wait or just say bye?

I've been seeing this guy and he told me he now wants to go slow. We have had sex and we have discussed the future many times which he initiated. Marriage kids etc. He broke up with his ex of years a few months ago right before we started talking. Lately he hasn't been talking much. He said he hates her doesn't want to be with her but still loves her, and he has said about a lot of other family issues that I won't mention is going on. He said he hasn't been talking much because he's is stressed and has been getting bad anxiety n panic attacks and has trying not to get stressed and is trying to get better. I'm hurt I feel like this whole thing has been bs. Is this really should I give him time or should I say goodbye? I like him a lot but what do I do? Men confuse the hell out of me I've never met a guy I've clicked so well with. I talked to him about this and he just says he thought he was ready and just doesn't want to rush , do I give him time?


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  • Well it depends! How often do y'all talk now? & sex was not the best idea! Lol bc he says he doesn't wanna "rush" things BUT y'all have already had sex, so there's no such thing as rushing things! I really think u should just be his PLATONIC friend! Stop having sex with him until he is ready for a relationship bc it's just gonna leave one of u guys hurt emotionally

    • We usually talk everyday throughout the day. Now it's a little here and there. I agree with you, I we already took it there , and I can't just be his friend so I think I'm just gonna end it. If he wanted to be with me regardless of what is going on he would be.

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    • Wow ! I'm sorry. Men really suck sometimes, it's like they don't know what they want until you get to that point where you give up on them. I'm sure he will get in touch with you and try to fix things.

    • Girl they sure do suck ALOT! & they are so confusing!! & I hope he gets in touch with me & fixes things! We used to be like best friends!! & he couldn't go a day without talking to me!! But u think he will contact me? Lol I'm trying to not contact him at all!!

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