This is definitely bothering me, advice?

So I should let this get to me because I wanted to know the truth. So me and my boyfriend was texting and everything and then he ask me if I was the best he ever had and I told what I thought and I wasn't going to ask him the same question but I did and this was his I kinda figured I wasn't but I guess how he said it bother me, like I shouldn't be upset but it definitely made me some type of way, should I get over that fact that it made me feel not upset but inscure like I feel like I'm not that good enough in bed and now I'm kinda hesitate to even had sex, Advice?
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This is definitely bothering me, advice?

What I said to reply to what he said "okay just wanted to know and like a hour later he replied back saying this



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  • Don't be immature and obsess over that question. You don't want to hear the truth if the answer is "you aren't the best", and yet if he said he won't lie, and then told you that you aren't the best, you'd be upset anyway. If he says you're the best, you doubt it anyway because of your own insecurity, so just let it go. Focus on the fact that he wants to be with you, and be happy if your sexual relationship is good.

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