Why isn't he fully ignoring me... Is there a chance he is still into me?

So I was casually dating this guy for about a month and then he never responded to a text and he only snapchatted and never texted me and then we started texting again about 2 weeks later and then he stopped responding again but preceeds to snapchat me weekly even though i dont respond anymore... why isn't he fully ignoring me?


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  • It's hard to say why he is inconsistent about responding to you. It could be one of many reasons

    Personally, if someone ignores me I assume they either feel indifferent towards me , or they are just not interested in me at all, but... if they do respond or contact me occasionally , I assume it is due to politeness.

    If someone doesn't appreciate my presence then I make them appreciate my absence , by never "disturbing" them again. I just cut all contact


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