Should I ask him out first?

I've been talking to his guy i met on tinder for a couple weeks now. He lives about 40 minutes from me and he's said stuff like come over or you should come to this party but I don't drive so i can't really ever go. I keep waiting for him to ask me to hangout sometime but he hasn't. I was thinking of subtly dropping hints or just asking him myself.
He works in a mall so I was thinking I could surprise him one day. Would that be a good idea?
He's also a little older of that makes a difference


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  • Don't ever do that. If he's interested he'll directly ask you out.

  • Of course not. If he hasn't asked you out yet, he is probably not even interested. Cmon it's obvious it's not like he doesn't talk to other girls that he asks out. (;


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