Crushing On A Guy From Kenya What should I Expect?

I am African American and the guy i like is from Kenya i call him Z and he also likes me but we never really had a date or talk one on one just wondering if i decided to go out with him on dates what should i expect and should i be worried?


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  • him running away from you really fast... good luck catching that motherfucker. they'll run for DAAAAYYYYYYSSSSS!!!

    • Hahaha trust me i don't chase I'm taking it slow nothing serious

  • Why are you crushing on him? You should be crushing on me, Drop. What the hell? I thought what we had was special. You ditching me babe?

    • And why did you leave?

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    • Nah I just thought you were someone else. We used to call each other babe and flirt.

    • Oh... kk😊😀

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