What do you do when your girlfriend is upset and scared?

Me and my girlfriend were watching a show on History about natures serial killers like tornadoes , floods , fires and hurricanes , giant waves etc. It's really scaring and upsetting her but there's nothing else good on tv just shows and movies she has or seen thousands of times. So far they've shown California wild fires , Haiti earthquake , great floods and other stuff. Luckily were in a safe place in south east Ohio I don't think nothing really bad has happened here since the 1974 tornadoes. It's never to hot or too cold for it to cause fires or floods. There really hasn't been a flood since 1918. I looked at it while looking up Ohio's history. She's always been scared of wildfires. Like every other young person her dream is to move to Hollywood and be an actress but after hearing about all these wildfires she can't decide wether she wants to go or not. We never get them here but she always says you never know. We live way out in the woods on a country road on a farm. They also mentioned that Haiti earthquake was the worst disaster in history since WW2 yeah right that's what they always say. There was also a rock concert going on during a thunderstorm it was really bad it killed 5 and injured over 100 now she's scared to go to another concert but her mom is smart enough not to take us to a concert in bad weather and people around here are smart enough to cancel shows of the weather is bad. She says from now on in the summer even if it's 80 or 90 degrees and sunny she's gonna keep checking the weather for thunderstorms if we go to a concert. The Ohio River doesn't really flood very much. If it does it only goes out into fields or in yards but it's not like most rivers. She said she's gonna have nightmares tonight. How can I comfort her?


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  • Talk to her


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